Maggie Gelbwaks

Wizard - Writer - Editor - Permaculturist

This is my personal portfolio site.

I live in the mountains of south-central Colorado. I spend my time skiing, climbing, hiking, gardening, scheming, and writing.


My nonfiction beat tends toward perspectives, opinions, and research articles about agriculture, community, and the future of farming. My pet project is musing about prog rock. Check out my published pieces:

Permaculture - "the dirt wizard"

I received my Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University in 2020. I do site consultations and 5-year suggestions remotely across North America. I offer more in-depth in-person consultations in my practice areas of Colorado, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

I do intensive vegetable/herb/dirt farming on my half-acre site. Current projects include developing the perfect hot pepper and growing culinary cumin at scale in a high-elevation environment.

Want to talk about writing or dirt? Email me: